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tech paradise


What’s Special About Tech Paradise ?

Hello to all the technophiles, this is Divyansh Arun, founder of Tech Paradise. You can find us as Tech Paradise, a YouTube channel for all the gearheads and social media lovers, with 460K+ subscribers. The channel was started 3 years back and aims to make everyone aware of all the knowledge about technologies and help them out with their tech queries. We try making concise and convenient videos in both English and Hindi language. We try posting two techie videos a week, hunting the topics of our followers choice. 

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Words From Founder

I started Tech Paradise with a dream and we’re working very hard to achieve it, The vision is to make Tech Paradise the most helpful and productive tech company of India. We’re working on a lot of projects and right now our YouTube Channel & Our Services are very much liked by our viewers and users. Keep Supporting 💓

– Divyansh Arun @techparadise_

tech paradise


Words from Website Manager

I was following Tech Paradise from a long time and luckily I got opportunity to work for Tech Paradise and In our website you’ll see regular blogs and different productive tools and also you’ll get all TP downloadables at one place.

– Shreyans Upadhye @shreyans_59

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