Welcome to Tech Paradise

Who are we ?

Hello to all the technophiles, this is Divyansh Arun, a Tech YouTube Creator. You can find us as Tech Paradise, a channel for all the gearheads, with 420k+ subscribers. The channel was started 3 years back and aims to make everyone aware of all the knowledge about technologies and help them out with their tech queries. We try making concise and convenient videos in both English and Hindi language. We try posting two techie videos a week, hunting the topics of our followers choice. You can also find us on Instagram @ techparadise_


What else we do ?

Apart from the YouTube channel we also own two application on the Google Play Store named Social Paradise and Wallpapers Paradise. Social Paradise is an all in one application which serves as a DP viewer, story and status saver and post and video downloader of social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. And Wallpapers Paradise offers a collection of thousands of compressed and cropped wallpapers in 4k, ultra HD, and HD resolutions of different categories.

What you’ll get here ?

This website basically is to make it more easy and exciting for the tech geeks hunting daily for new tech informations. This website will serve as a platform for us to post new tech blogs on different exciting topics regularly on small durations. You can also find the links about the different things we talk about in the channel. You can learn more about the things we tell in the videos here also .
We are happy to help you all always with your tech queries. You can visit the contact option and mail us your problems, we will try to reply and help you out with your queries as early as possible .

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