Make Your Instagram Feed Look Amazing Easily!

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Make Your Instagram Feed Look Amazing Easily!

These Tricks Would Help You To Make Your Instagram Profile Look Better And Gain Attention + Followers!



Tiny Planet is an app which allows you to make globe photos with least efforts, making a globe photo is as hard as covering whole syllabus a day before the exam! You can make photos in which the subject is bulged or focused and the surroundings are whirled.

Here Is An Example –


2. Use White/Black Photos

Using white/black photos around your main photo seeks the attention. You can also place your photo into a white/black square to look minimal, using white squares over dark photos usually gives a great look. Also, while surrounding your photos with the squares you can write the text over it which tells more about the photo.

Here Are Some Examples –


3. Vaporgram

Vaporgram is an app which allows you to edit you photos aesthetically, that means you can add abstract elements and make your photos look vintage and also add the pixelated text box with a catchy caption. It also offers to you a lot of aesthetic tools such as Glitch effect, VHS effect, Scanline,3D, RGB effects also gives you a lot of vaporwave,retrowave stickers (more than 800 stickers), with tons of in-built aesthetic frames!

Here Is An Example –





If Your Instagram Is Quite Active And You Engage With Your Audience Regularly, There Are Chances Of Growing Quickly.

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