PLAY PUBG MOBILE Like A GOD! 100% Improvement!


PUBG MOBILE is a game which is played more competitively and less casually because this not just a game but an emotion at the moment, there are Millions of people who play this game seriously and thousands of those have made their careers by playing this game.


PUBG MOBILE can be played by strategies, strategic planning is required for every successful rush and every successful chicken dinner.  Here are some tips to get your gameplay improved :-



“Practice Makes Man Perfect”, Most used and most practical quote of all time! You have to practice daily for your reflexes and your sense of recoil control. Once you get your hands warm in the training room you can jump into bunch of TDM matches and use all the tactics which you learnt in the training, here are some tactics for close range as well as long range fights –

Use peak and fire oftenly.

Crouch while you fire and also prone when you’re rushing when someone is taking TPP in front of you.

Jiggle by using the joystick, drag it to left and right during close range fights to dodge bullets efficiently.

In TDM avoid using AWM,M249 and level 3 gear because they’re rare and they give you advantage but in classic there’s less chance that you’ve the gear in every fight.


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Not every squad can play according to a single stereotype strategy/plan. So just watch competitive squad’s videos and streams and try to extract some game ideas and try to inculcate those into your squad’s gameplay, just don’t simply copy everything try to keep it original and simple.


Rotations play important role in squad gameplays, rotation word explains itself. The only mistake usually people do while rotating is they avoid using vehicles because the enemies can hear them, that’s one disadvantage but when you rotate on foot you may get late and the enemies rotate to you too rather than that use vehicle and if they notice you then take cover behind the vehicle and tell your teammate to rotate by the other direction on foot and take angle and kill!


Teamwork is necessary in every genre and not only games. While rushing or flanking by any direction you can give calls to your teammates by marking the enemies and by using the voice chat to tell your mate about the enemy’s position and then you can tell your mate to flank by the opposite direction to get an angle to fire and if this is well coordinated then a fight can be easily won.


Taking fight is not that easy, you’ve have to think before everytime you fire. Taking fight being outside the zone is not the smartest decision rather rotate into the zone and get behind the enemies use smoke grenades to block other people’s angle and take fight in one direction use better weapons for long range, I suggest sniper,DMRs and M416/Scar-l for long ranged fights.

At the end just practice and you’ll get better some day!

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